Guided Tours of Florence

Seeflorence provides for customized private guided tours in Florence, designed according to your interests, compatibly with museums, time schedules and availability for the various museums, churches, exhibits, etc.

In this page we outline the range of tours we offer. We are always ready to adapt these tours to your interests or design specific interest tours at your request.


We of course offer the introductory guided walking tour for first time visitors and tours to the most famous art galleries in town like Uffizi or Accademia, but we also offer off the beaten tracks tours or by subject to learn more about the history and the traditions of the city, or as our dear friend Silvia once called it, reading the history of the stones.


We would be happy to make Florence come alive for you, to help you understand her in the context of her history, her characters, her traditions, and her legacies.


Classic Tours

A Florence guided walking tour showing the highlights of the city center or a visit to the most popular museums? In this section you will find the most celebrated spots in town that can be part of a private guided tour.

The Uffizi Gallery is the greatest art gallery in Florence. The Accademia Gallery is the house of the real David by Michelangelo. An amazing walk in the Oltrarno up to the gorgeous Boboli Gardens will lead you to explore the most authentic side of the city.


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