Classic Tours

A Florence guided walking tour showing the highlights of the city center or a visit to the most popular museums? In this section you will find the most celebrated spots in town that can be part of a private guided tour.

The Uffizi Gallery is the greatest art gallery in Florence. The Accademia Gallery is the house of the real David by Michelangelo. An amazing walk in the Oltrarno up to the gorgeous Boboli Gardens will lead you to explore the most authentic side of the city.

To learn more about the history and the art works of Florence we recommend a Medici's Walk, the tour that will trace the saga of the most powerful family who lived in town.

Michelagelo's David at Accademia Gallery

This is a guided tour focused on Michelangelo's David, the most famous sculpture in Florence currently at the Accademia Gallery. Many people believe that David is the most beautiful statue ever carved by man and it is definitely considered one of the symbols of Renaissance. Visiting this Museum with a private guide you will learn history, significance and curiosities of a such masterpiece as well as the special artist technique. We will be featuring the master at work with his hammer and chisels and also give you the chance to look at some of his most celebrated unfinished works, mainly known as Prisoners.

Guided Tour of the Oltrarno District of Florence

The Oltrarno district is actually considered as the most authentic part of Florence. Just step on the other side of the Arno river and we will be in the neighborhood famous for craft shops, markets, typical restaurants, museums, churches and gardens. Whether you love art or you love greenery, this is the right place for you! One of the Florentine excellence is local handicraft and it is just in this area that you can still find workshops and laboratories producing typical goods, according to the old techniques: leather, mosaics, marbled paper, jewellery etc. 

Uffizi Gallery Private Guided Tour

The Uffizi Gallery guided tour is the very best chance to look at the masterpieces collected over the centuries by the Medici family in Florence. This beautiful 16th century U-shaped building was designed by Giorgio Vasari for the Grand-Duke Cosimo I to house the new government offices, then became the private art gallery of the family and when the last member of the dynasty, called Anna Maria Luisa, passed away in 1743, its gorgeous collection was entirely donated to the Florentines. Today's museum displays hundreds of paintings and statues and it is considered the most important in Florence.

A Medici's walk in Florence

This walking tour is about the history of the greatest family who lived in Florence by visiting some of the spots related to their rise to power and the role as patrons of Renaissance: the former house before moving to Pitti Palace and the mausoleum that celebrates their memory. The Medici were originally from Mugello and move to town maybe during the XIII century. The founder of family's economic and political fortune was Giovanni di Bicci who lived at the beginning of the XV century and his sons, Cosimo and Lorenzo.