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Making planes:


Florence is the biggest town of Tuscany and a major destination for travellers in Italy. Home to some of the world's finest art works, you'd better to consider the wide range of activities available in the city and its surroundings while planning a trip.


How to get:


you can reach Florence by plane, by train, by bus or by car.Parking might be difficult and expensive in the city center. For a one day visit from Rome or Venice check the Freccia Rossa train schedule: you journey will be very fast and comfortable (Rome to Florence is only 1 hrs 30 min and Venice to Florence is about 2 hrs.) It can be the best solution also from the country villages around Tuscany. In this case look at local trains in the section “regional”.




Florence offers any type of accomodation and it is a good idea to book months in advance. Pack a converter for chargers to all your devices. Phone calls: when calling a number through your mobile phone never forget to dial the Italian country code 0039 (dial without when calling from your hotel room).


Moving around:


the center of Florence is easily walkable. If you plan to stay in the outskirts of the city or wish to visit Fiesole take advantage of public bus service. Local transportation company is called ATAF a single ride ticket costs 1,50 euro and it is valid for 90 minutes. When looking for a taxi, remember that you can not catch one on the way, but need to go the nearest taxi stand or get one by phone calling the local number 0039-55-4242 or 0039-55-4390.




Florentine weather can be very changeable, so do not forget umbrella for unexpected rain showers, especially during spring and fall. Usually, in the winter the city is very cold and windy; in the summer it is very hot and humid.


Art museums:


Florentine museums are literally under siege from March to October. To avoid long lines we do always recommend advanced booking. The cost is 4 euro p.p. on the normal price and we do not charge any other additional fee. Security check is now mandatory into the major museums; the metal detector system is very similar to the airport. Making guardians work easier, we will prevent jams in front of the entrance.




the audio head-set is mandatory in many churches for groups over 5 pax. We also remind to visitors proper clothing to get inside these buildings, especially during the summer: covered shoulders and no miniskirts for ladies and knee lenght pants for gentlemen.


Daily excursions:


a vacation to Florence in not complete without spending a day in the Tuscan countryside. Outstanding landscapes, little hill town, wine and cheese tastings and shopping opportunities. Get in touch to arrange your trip.


Public restroom:


facilities are not for free in Florence. The cost is 1 euro coin almost everywhere. Cafes and restaurants are not supposed to be public toilets and won't allow to use bathroom without consummation.


Restaurants and trattorias:


food in Florence is excellent. Locals usually have lunch from 1 to 2 pm and dinner after 8 pm; show up early or make sure to reserve your seats. Guides are also pleased to advise about restaurants, based on the area of the city at the end of the sightseeing or close to your accomodation. By the way, a place that you should not miss is the MERCATO CENTRALE opened everyday from 8 am until midnight. And if you want to learn more about this site and taste local specialities check our special tours for foodies.


Gelato places:


Florence gelato is the best... of course it is supposed to be born here! It is creamy and tasty, every day made with fresh and natural ingredients. And we won't stop where you see the “mountains” of ice cream (generally it is not a sign of quality) but only by those producing gelato artigianale, that means home made and no use of preservatives and artificial coloring.


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