Tours / Hidden Florence: Guided tour of San Frediano Artisan shops

Guided tour of the artisan workshops around the area of Borgo San Frediano, specializing in the production of paper, ligatures, inlay, restoration and production of wooden objects .

Far from the mass tourist flows and still enclosed within the ancient walls, this district in Oltrarno keeps intact the charm and authenticity of local traditions. During the past, men and goods from Pisa and Livorno had to pass through its great door to enter the city, so this area has always been one of the most lively and industrious of Florence. In Borgo San Frediano there are still many artisan shops and a qualified tourist guide will accompany you to see up close the work of these masters.

One of the most typical products of the Florentine artisan tradition is paper

We will see it visiting the first workshop of this itinerary, which is produced by the oldest grapich company in town, born in 1901. It is called AtelierGK Firenze they created a paper with a distinctive design which is named after Florentine paper.

A few steps from here is the workshop of the Zouganist

Takafumi Mochizuki arrived in Florence in 2007 and works as inlayer. In Japanese, zougan means inlay and he keeps this Renaissance time tradition alive in his shop. The technique consists in the decoration of objects by joining small pieces of different types of wood and other materials and it is also based on the chromatic contrast between the various pieces of wood combined with very fine sheets of metal, silver, mother-of-pearl scales and ivory. Takafumi applies his art to objects such as shapes of shoes and hats, hangers and lamps, creating absolutely unique and original pieces.

The same passion for antiquity, wood and restoration have brought Jane Harman from Scotland to Florence

She has been working for a long time as an apprentice of Enrico Sarti and learned the secrets of the job, then she inherited his workshop and opened her own. Today beside of restoration, Jane Harman produces wooden objects entirely designed and made by hands. Her creations are small furnitures, jewellery and alternative souvenirs that we will see in her laboratory.


Private guided tour of artisan shops

Florentine paper, inlay and wooden objects

Monday to Friday

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