Artisan Workshop Tours

Seeflorence and Community Firenze offer you a guided tour in which you will discover the most typical artisan workshops of historic Florence. We will open up the doors of these venerable enterprises for you, revealing the excellence of the local Florentine craft traditions: jewellery, silverware, mosaics, engraving, printing and bookbinding

We will tell you about the history of the ancient Florentine arts and crafts in the words of their practitioners, demonstrating the techniques and tools used in making objects of the highest quality.

Our story will cover centuries of ingenuity and wisdom passionately passed on from generation to generation, which still nourishes the talent and creativity of master-craftsmen today. The workshops you will see on our guided tour have been chosen on the basis of what kind of business they do and their location in the city centre.

The artisan tours available at the moment are:

In the name of Florence: Guided tour of the historical Workshops

This guided tour will take you to the historical workshops of the city center that have linked their names to Florentine artistic handicrafts and are referred as the excellence in the field of jewelry, mosaic and production of leather and paper. We will tell you the story of these ancient crafts, which are part of the tradition and culture of Florence: a story that has its roots in a distant and glorious past, handed down through generations from father to son and that today is more than ever alive thanks to the talent and wisdom of the master craftsmen.

Hidden Florence: Guided tour of San Frediano Artisan shops

Guided tour of the artisan workshops around the area of Borgo San Frediano, specializing in the production of paper, ligatures, inlay, restoration and production of wooden objects .

Far from the mass tourist flows and still enclosed within the ancient walls, this district in Oltrarno keeps intact the charm and authenticity of local traditions. During the past, men and goods from Pisa and Livorno had to pass through its great door to enter the city, so this area has always been one of the most lively and industrious of Florence. 

Genie's hands: Guided tour of artisan shops in Santo Spirito

Guided tour of the artisan workshops in the historical district of Santo Spirito, in the heart of the Oltrarno in Florence.

The neighborhood is located around the square overlooked by the majestic basilica designed by Filippo Brunelleschi in the 15th century and a stone fountain but also several clubs and breweries that animate the area until late at night. Recently Santo Spirito has become a meeting place for young people and is also very popular among tourists, but keeps its traditions alive.